About Us

About Us

About Whirlwind Fighting Promotions

Whirlwind Fighting Promotions (WFP) is a promotional company focusing on Boxing, Kickboxing and MMA events in the Bay Area. The Bay Area is a hotbed for Amateur and Professional Fighters and the landscape is chock full of talent that have risen through the ranks of smaller promotions in the Area. The Bay Area suffers a void combat sports promotions. Whirlwind Fighting Promotions fills this void, investing in fighters that entertain audiences and attract spectators. We create an experience through grassroots, street team and guerilla marketing techniques, utilizing social media to engage fans and promotion through traditional channels i.e. TV, radio, and newspapers.

Whirlwind Fighting Promotions brings combat sports to people of all races, ethnicities and age groups, displaying The Bay Area’s historical commitment to diversity. WFP is a steward of San Francisco’s multi-cultural composition hosting fighters who speak to their people.

Whirlwind Fighting Promotions is the premier Bay Area combat sports promotion organization, dedicated to building future champions and giving diehard fans of combat sports the ultimate competition experience.

About Douglas Edwards

Born in Dayton Ohio and raised in Atlanta Georgia, Douglas Edwards started Muay Thai in 1999 with great love and passion for sport fighting. He developed his stand-up under the tutelage of former World Muay Thai Champion Manu Ntoh which led to his (number of years) tenure with Chuck Norris’ esteemed World Combat League and fights throughout the United States, Russia, and Poland.

He continues to develop his skills in San Francisco, California at Fairtex under Muay Thai champion Jongsanan Fairtex, especially mastering his striking mastery. He trains with World Champion and #3 ranked Gilbert Melendez at the El Nino Training Center where he cultivates his wrestling and jiu-jitsu talents. He serves as an Muay Thai trainer and is a member of the esteemed Skrap Pack Fight Team.

He channels his gifts as a supreme MMA fighter as a promoter of his colleagues, galvanizing their fighting forces and giving them the opportunity to share their abilities with the world.

Edward Douglas